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List of Favourites from the Dictionaries

The Favourites menu, to the left of the headword field, lets you bookmark your favourite dictionary entries for fast access. To add an entry to your favourites while you are consulting it, just click on the Favourites button (). You also have this option in the Favourites menu (when you click on the small black triangle to the right of the heart), in the Edit menu. Then you can access your favourite dictionary entries using the Favourites menu.

To delete an entry from your list of favourites, go to its entry in the dictionary and then click on the Favourites button. Alternatively, open the Favourites window by selecting Edit from the Favourites menu. Then, select Dictionaries from the left-hand panel, select the entries to delete from the right-hand panel, click in the top right and then choose the option Delete selection. Selecting Delete all will delete them all at once.

To export a list of favourites, open the Favourites window, select the list, click and select Export.

You can also manage your favourites by selecting Favourites from the Edit menu.

Custom word lists

It is also possible to create personalized word lists. To create a new list, select Add a list… from the favourites menu. You will be asked to create a title for this list.

Once the list is created, you can add the currently viewed entry by clicking on the favourites button () and choosing the list to which you want to add the word. Then, the list will be accessible via the favpourites menu.

To remove an entry from a custom list, to go the entry, then click the favourites button or access the Favourites window by clicking Edit… in the favourites menu. In this window, after having selected your list, you can select and delete more than one word at a time,

To export your custom word list, open the Favourites window, select the list and select the Export option by clicking on the button at the top right of the window.

These lists can also be managed via the Favourites option in the Resources menu.

  • To synchronize your favourites so that they are accessible on all devices linked to your Druide account, check the relevant setting (Interface settings > Druide account > Synchronisation).