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Content of the Dictionary of Conjugation

Antidote is one of the few English-language resources offering complete conjugation information for all of the verbs in its dictionary, giving you hundreds of thousands of conjugated forms, all accessible with a simple click of the mouse.


Conjugated forms

Conjugation information is presented intuitively in the form of a table, with the appropriate verb forms for all relevant tenses and moods, as well as the progressive aspect. If an auxiliary verb is required, this is shown with the verb form in question. The form that you search for is highlighted to help you identify it. Additionally, you can click on any form to select it, then insert it into your text by clicking Replace ( in the toolbar).

Show all

By default, the conjugation dictionary displays a condensed table featuring only the principal forms of a given verb, along with any auxiliaries. This view may well provide all the information you need, as English verbs take identical forms for many tenses and aspects. However, you may also find it useful to click on Show all in the top right corner of the main panel, revealing an exhaustive list of conjugations by person, tense and mood. If you wish to return to the condensed table after clicking Show all, simply click Condense view, also in the top right corner.

Progressive aspect

The conjugation dictionary also provides conjugation information for all tenses and moods in the progressive aspect (formed with the auxiliary verb to be and the –ing ending). Progressive conjugations are located in a separate section below the other conjugated forms, and can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the small triangle next to the section title.

Other conjugation resources

You can, of course, count on the corrector to spot errors of conjugation in your text, and to find the appropriate form for you. Additionally, a basic summary of inflected forms can be found in the Details panel in the definition for any verb.