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Accessing Wikipedia

After consulting a definition, you may wish to find out even more about it, or even consult an encyclopedia. In the More section of the Details panel for a noun or proper noun, and in the More section of the tooltip for many expressions (click on the icon to open the tooltip), a link to the Wikipedia online encyclopedia will be shown. Note that the Wikipedia box of the External resources interface settings must be checked for this option to apply.

Click on this link in the More section and Antidote will display the results from Wikipedia for the headword or expression directly in the dictionary window. You can use the History button, search bar and Replace button as if Wikipedia were one of Antidote’s own dictionaries.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written entirely by Internet-based contributors, and its quality is out of Druide’s control. An active Internet connection is required to be able to consult Wikipedia articles.

Clicking on a link in a Wikipedia article

Wikipedia articles include many links. Some are internal, meaning that they point to other Wikipedia articles. Clicking on an internal link will display the corresponding article directly in Antidote. Others are external, indicated by an arrow. Clicking on an external link will display the corresponding page in your browser.

Viewing a Wikipedia image

Wikipedia articles often have interesting images or graphics, in reduced size. Click on them and Antidote will maximize them. You can copy these images and use them in your documents, but first check the user rights for each image by clicking on the Licensing message in “More details” just below the image.

Returning to a previous article

Your Wikipedia access history is recorded in the same way as for every Antidote dictionary, so you can easily go back to an article you have already consulted. This will take a bit longer than for other Antidote dictionaries, given the Internet communication required. The Wikipedia element will be added to the bottom of the list of dictionaries and will remain displayed there so long as you do not change the headword. You can go and consult the definition or synonyms in Antidote, for instance, and then return to the Wikipedia article by selecting it in the list.

Consulting Wikipedia for information on a word not recognized by Antidote

Wikipedia recognizes many terms that Antidote does not. To see a Wikipedia article on a given word, enter it as the headword, then click on the Wikipedia link that appears in the usual place.

  • Instant search may try to replace the word you are trying to enter with another one. If so, your word will still appear at the end of the suggestions in the Instant search menu, and you can select it.

Opening a Wikipedia article in your browser

At the end of a Wikipedia article, Antidote adds a “Show original web site” link. Click on this link to display the article in your browser. You can also right-click on the Wikipedia link, in the Antidote Definitions section, to open the Wikipedia results directly in your browser.

Settings for Wikipedia access

In some situations, you may wish to restrict or even prevent access to Wikipedia. You can adjust your Antidote settings to remove the link to Wikipedia entirely, or to get Antidote to try to filter any offensive Wikipedia content. For more information, see External Resources and Access Control in the Interface section of the Settings chapter.