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The definitions dictionary lists expressions formed with the main word: expressions (fixed sequences of words with their own syntactic category), proverbs (short and popular sayings that generally state a truth or give some form of advice) and phrasal verbs (a verb + preposition unit with a specific meaning). These three types of expressions, when available, are accessible via the links located at the bottom of the window.



Making up a separate section within the definitions dictionary, the expressions are displayed in green characters and are preceded by a diamond, also green, making their relationship easy to follow. The definitions of the expressions are preceded by smaller diamonds, distinguishing each meaning; some are preceded by a usage or domain label in small caps. When the definitions, written in black, are accompanied by examples, the latter are displayed in grey text.

Where applicable, a hide/show chevron allows you to “close” the lists of locutions in order to easily understand the tone of the entire meaning. You can then click on the hide/show chevron of a given meaning or meanings to “open” only the desired expressions. The Hide definitions option hides the definitons, examples and labels to take into consideration only the expressions themselves; click on Show definitions to make the entry reappear in its entirety.

Certain expressions are accompanied by additional information about their usage: notes, additional research, etc. Click on the button to bring up the additional information bubble (the button is orange when a link to Antidote’s guides is available).


The entries in the proverbs section are listed in green characters, preceded by a green diamond and followed by their definition in black, which is preceded by a smaller diamond. Usage labels help you choose the appropriate proverb.