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Content of the Dictionary of Semantic Fields

The dictionary of semantic fields lists all the words that are semantically related to the headword, grouped by meaning and ranked by relative strength. It illustrates the semantic neighbourhood of the words and lets you navigate through their conceptual web.

  • In the corrector, the Semantic fields filter in the Statistics prism offers a concrete illustration of the principal semantic fields of the text and words that it includes.


List of words in the semantic field

Words belonging to the semantic field of the headword are presented in a vertical list and grouped by category. The nature of semantic links between these words varies: a semantic field may consist of combinations, words of the same family, synonyms, hyponyms, meronyms, etc. You can select a specific word and then click on the Replace button ( in the tool bar) to insert it in your text. Use the vertical keyboard arrow keys to scroll through the list of words in the semantic field.

Strength of words in the semantic field

A blue bar opposite each word in the semantic field indicates its relative strength: the longer the bar, the more the word is semantically related to the headword.

Main semantic sections

Entries for words with multiple meanings are usually divided into main semantic sections, with each meaning indicated by a green text label. For example, the verb to match is made up of four sections: “be the same”, “suit”, “be of equal quality” and “cause to be equal”.


Click on the title bar to sort the words in the semantic field in alphabetical order or by strength.

Global hide/show chevron

The hide/show chevron lets you expand or shrink all the meanings or categories at once.

The interactive sphere

To complement the list, the interactive sphere lets you visualize a semantic field in the form of a cloud of words whose size reflects the strength of the link with the headword. Click on a word in the sphere to call up its own semantic field, and you can embark on a semantic journey through the whole lexicon. Click on Expand [+] and the sphere will fill the central panel, and then on Minimize [-] to see it next to the list again. The larger the sphere, the more words it contains.

If the headword has several meanings, choose the desired meaning in the menu of the button to the right of the headword. If you wish to only see the nouns (or only the verbs, adjectives, etc.) of a displayed semantic field, choose the appropriate category from the menu.

Definitions panel

The definition of a word selected in the list is displayed in the upper right-hand panel.

Text filter

The text filter lets you display only the words in the semantic field containing the character string you enter in the filter field.

Thematic filters

When the semantic fields are displayed in list mode, the button to the right of the text filter allows you to display or hide the words that express a meaning that is negative (undrinkable, cheap), positive (luxury, delicacy), strong (delicious, luscious) or weak (fine, good). To bring back the list of results, click on the filters button again, then on Deactivate filters.