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French Custom Rules


Antidote invites you to play an active role in its correction in French too.

For a description of custom rules that is applicable to both languages, see the Custom rules section in the Customizations chapter. The characteristics specific to the French portion are described here.

Adding a French rule

Adding a rule specific to French follows the same process as adding one in English: simply enter the base form of the trigger (a singular noun or adjective or an infinitive verb) in the Search for a word to flag field. A list of suggestions will display. If it is in English, select Show results in French at the bottom of the list.

If your choice is not the first suggestion, the language menu to the right adjusts to the language of the trigger. If your choice is the first suggestion, a text trigger, the language menu to the right of the zone can be set to English (en) or French (fr). The rule is triggered when the text in the Search for a word to flag field is present in a French or an English text respectively.

Note — For more information on custom rules, see the Custom Rules section.