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French Settings


The settings serve to adjust Antidote’s actions when it corrects a text and to customize many aspects of its interface. They are divided into four sections – Interface, Corrector, Language, Typography – two of which, Language and Typography, have submenus that apply specifically to French. For a general presentation of the operation of Antidote’s settings that apply to both languages, see the Settings chapter. In this section, we discuss those settings that apply only to French.

Accessing the French settings

The English and French settings are found within the same window, which can be accessed in different ways: via the main menu, with Antidote > Preferences… or Corrector > Settings…; from the corrector, by clicking on the settings icon in the main window or directly from the tooltips associated with certain corrections; or by using the keyboard shortcut Cmd + r on a Mac or Ctrl + r on Windows. Once in the Settings window, the different sections can be viewed using the left-hand column. Settings specifically concerning the French Module can be found in the following locations: Interface (General panel), Language (General, User, Protagonists, Word usage, Word choice, Capital letters, Punctuation and Spelling rectifications panels) and Typography (General, Spaces and Conventions panels). Within these panels, clicking the blue French button on the top line lets you view the French settings, except in the Protagonists and Spelling rectifications panels, which only apply to the French Module.