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Navigating the Language Guides

There are four different ways of getting around in the guides: the table of contents, smart search, hyperlinks and the history arrows.

Table of contents

The table of contents is displayed in the left-hand panel of the guides window, and broken down into two levels: guides and articles. In the list of guides, each guide indicates the number of articles it contains, as well as a brief list of some of the topics addressed. Select a guide to see its contents – topics, subtopics and articles – in the right-hand panel, and then select the article you want to read.

Smart search

Use the search field to quickly find all the articles on a given topic. Just enter a word and the results will be displayed in the search field as you type. Each result shows the title of the article containing the search term, the guide containing the article, and a short passage showing the search term in context. The results become refined as you enter more of the search term.

The results are ranked by relevance. The title of the article is displayed in red when it contains the search term.

To read an article, select the corresponding result. All the occurrences of the search term are highlighted in the article, so you can spot them easily.

To repeat a recent search, click on the magnifying glass in the search field and select one from the list of previous searches that appears. You can delete this list if you wish (Delete recent searches option).


The guides often give hyperlinks in orange or red, allowing you to quickly consult related articles. The cursor turns into a small pointing hand when you hover over a hyperlink. Just click on it to display the article. A link followed by the symbol means that it will direct you to an external source displayed in your browser. An active Internet connection is required to access these external links.

History arrows

To quickly return to the article you have just read in one of Antidote’s guides or the results of your previous search, just click on the left arrow. To go back to the article or search that you just left, click on the right arrow. To display your history in the form of a menu, click on these arrows while holding down the mouse button.