Antidote 10 User Guide

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

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Accessing the Personal Dictionaries

From the corrector

When the Antidote corrector encounters a word it doesn’t recognize, you can use the button in the toolbar to quickly add it to your personal dictionaries. In the example on the previous page, Antidote doesn’t recognize the word Gourmaison. Click on the button to open the Personal Dictionaries window. If you have several personal dictionaries, Antidote will ask you to specify where you want to add the word.

From the dictionaries

In the example below, a company name (Bovary Fur) has been typed in Dictionaries search field. Since it can’t find the expression in any of its dictionaries, Antidote displays a hyperlink asking whether you want to add it to one of your personal dictionaries. Click on the hyperlink to open the Personal Dictionaries window with the expression added.

A similar hyperlink is displayed in the main panel of the Dictionaries window when you enter a word that is already in a personal dictionary. This time, the blue text asks whether you want to edit the word. Click on the hyperlink if necessary to change the word category, add to or correct its definition, review its characteristics, etc.

From the Antidote menu bar

To add a word while the corrector is in the foreground, select Corrector in the menu bar, then Add to personal dictionary…

To access your personal dictionaries from the menu bar, select Tools, then Personal Dictionaries… (on a Mac, select Window instead of Tools).