Antidote 10 User Guide

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

User Guide / Using With Your Other Software / Mac


Antidote includes an advanced corrector, dictionaries and language guides, all of which integrate with your software applications to help you write. This guide will assist you in optimizing your use of Antidote with your other software.

You can call Antidote from your other software in the following ways.

Mechanism Description
The Connectix Agent The Connectix Agent is installed in the menu bar. The Agent enables Antidote to be accessed from many applications.
The context menu Antidote integrates with the system’s context menu, which can be viewed from most applications; all you need to do is right-click.
Services You can access Antidote within any application that is compatible with the Services menu.
The Dock All of Antidote’s resources are accessible from the Dock menu.
The toolbar Call Antidote’s resources from the toolbar, which is accessible within most applications.
Copy and paste Use the clipboard to transfer the text to be corrected to Antidote, or the word to be looked up.
Drag and drop Drag the text to be corrected or the word to be looked up directly into Antidote’s resources.

Application-specific integration

Antidote installs connectors that are specifically adapted to the context of certain software applications. Read the pages devoted to those applications to optimize your use of Antidote with them.