Antidote 10 User Guide

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

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Navigating Through the Dictionaries

You can submit a word to the dictionaries in a number of ways.

Enter a word

Once you are in the dictionaries window, enter a word (which will then be the headword) and press Return. Then choose the dictionary you want—the previews may help you decide. As soon as you start entering the first letters of the headword, a list of suggestions will appear. If the word you are looking for is one of the suggestions, choose it by clicking on it. You can also just press Enter or Return when the word is highlighted in the list.

Double-click on a word

In the dictionaries window, double-click on any word to launch a search. To automatically launch a search in the dictionary of definitions, press Ctrl + double-click ( + double-click, on a Mac).

Drag and drop

Select a word in any application that lets you drag and drop. Hold the mouse button down while you drag the word to the dictionaries window and drop it in the headword field or directly in the dictionary of your choice.


In the dictionaries window, right-click on a word (or Ctrl + click on a Mac) to bring up the context menu. Then you can launch a search on the word in the dictionary of definitions or the current dictionary.


In the corrector window and the guides window, select a word and then click on the dictionaries icon. Then you can choose the dictionary you want.

Previous search menu

Antidote keeps track of your past searches. If you want to search again for a word you have already entered, click on the search menu (, on a Mac; in Windows/Linux, click in the headword field when it is empty) to display the list of previous searches, and select the word you want to display in the headword field. This menu also lets you delete recent searches and offers other search suggestions.

History arrows

Antidote remembers up to thirty words you searched for and dictionaries you visited. To return to the previous display, click on the left-pointing arrow. To return to the display you just exited, click on the right-pointing arrow.