Antidote 10 User Guide

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

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The Correction Prism

The results of Antidote’s correction are presented in three parts. This section describes how the Language view and the Typography view operate. The Style view is described separately (see The Style View)

  • See the Corrector section in the Settings chapter to adjust the corrector’s general operations.

The Language view

The corrector’s Language view can help you avoid a wide variety of language pitfalls: errors related to spelling, conjugation, possessives, grammatical agreement, irregular syntax, hyphens, punctuation, upper and lower case, homophones, etc. Antidote does not just identify and correct mistakes: it actually explains them in the context of what you have written, enabling you to learn while making corrections.

  • See the Language section in the Settings chapter to adjust the parameters for this view.

The Typography view

Antidote will correct the type of spacing required before or after a given punctuation mark, detect hyphens that are used where dashes should be, correct the format of numbers, times and addresses, etc. Certain typographical elements are invisible (is that a hard space or a soft one?) or difficult to detect with the naked eye (is that a breaking or a non-breaking space?). By checking them automatically with Antidote, you can be sure they are all accurate and complete.

  • Typographic conventions have been codified to varying degrees; Antidote applies “generally accepted rules”.
  • See the Typography section in the Settings chapter to adjust the parameters for this view.