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 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

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The impact of the corrector on the Style view

Antidote uses the results of the corrector’s analysis to determine as precisely as possible all the detections in the Style view and the results in the various revision, statistical and inspection filters. This analysis is what allows it to distinguish, for example, a number that is part of a date from a number denoting a quantity. It is also why it can process all the sentences in your text at once and detect whole passages, not just individual words, and even flag certain pragmatic elements.

The quality of the detections highlighted in the Style view therefore depends directly on the quality of the corrector’s analysis: if the analysis is weak, so too will be the detections. For example, an unknown proper noun will sometimes be classified as a place rather than a person, or a passive construction will not be properly interpreted.

For this reason, we strongly advise you to first tackle the corrections suggested in the Language view. Help Antidote resolve its analysis issues (for example, by adding unknown proper nouns to your personal dictionary), before proceeding to the verification of style and to the other prisms. The results will benefit from your efforts.