Antidote 10 User Guide

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

User Guide / Settings / Presets


The presets allow you to quickly switch from one configuration to another. In a single operation, they modify dozens of settings across a number of panels. Antidote offers separate presets for its Language and Typography views. This allows you to choose the perfect combination of settings according to what you’re writing.

If you normally write emails where an informal tone is appropriate, you might choose a less restrictive combination of settings, e.g. Informal usage in the Language view and Basic typography. When you have an important letter to write and want stricter settings, you would likely select Formal usage or Flag all in the Language view, along with Formal typography. Once the correction process is complete, the presets menu will allow you to easily return to your regular settings. Any active presets are indicated with a check mark in the menu.

  • Spelling and grammar errors are always flagged, regardless of the language preset selected.

In the Settings window, you can access the presets by opening the Presets menu. This gives you the choice of the following presets:


  • Antidote adjusts all settings panels to the recommended values.


  • Flag all: Antidote adjusts all settings linked to alerts to their maximum level in all relevant panels.
  • Formal usage: Antidote adjusts each language setting in all relevant panels for thorough correction of word usage, syntax, punctuation, capitalization and possible lexical confusion.
  • Informal usage: Antidote adjusts each language setting in all relevant panels for less rigorous correction, disabling all settings linked to alerts.


  • Formal typography: Antidote will adjust each typographic setting in all relevant panels for exhaustive correction based on the standards observed in your language variety.
  • Basic typography: Antidote will disable most of the settings related to typography in all relevant panels, verifying only obvious typographical errors (e.g. two spaces between words).
    The presets are also accessible from the corrector. You will find them above the list of detections in the right-hand panel. See the chapter on the corrector for more details.